.Middle East University signs a cooperation agreement with Jordanian Masarat for Development and Progress Institution

The Middle East University has signed a cooperation agreement with The Jordanian Masarat for Development and Progress institution. The agreement aims to enhance collaboration in various fields, empowering women in personal, professional, leadership, and entrepreneurial aspects, fostering their leadership in national development efforts.

Jumana Ghunaimat, the founder of Masarat, and former Minister of Information, highlighted that the agreement bridges academic and practical practices, preparing female leaders for a new century of achievements and advancements.

The university's president, Dr. Ala'a Al-Halhooli, emphasized that the agreement focuses on developing a comprehensive curriculum for essential skills, empowering women in leadership, decision-making, and entrepreneurship. It also aims to conduct studies addressing obstacles facing female leadership in Jordan, promoting collaboration in implementing innovative projects and professional consultations for Jordanian women in leadership.

Parliamentarian Wafaa Bani Mustafa, also a founder of Masarat, stressed the continuous efforts to empower women, develop their skills, and contribute to achieving their goals at various levels and fields.

The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Salam Mahadin, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Anis Al-Mansour, Vice President for Administrative and Legal Affairs, Dr. Tamara Yacoub Nasser Al-Din, Assistant to the President, and Dr. Hanan Al-Sheikh, Dean of the Faculty of Media.