Today, Sunday, the Jordanian Masarat for Development and progress held a closed dialogue session with a group of political figures, under the title “Discussion Papers as a Basis for Reform,” to discuss the extent of the possibility of starting from the discussion papers as a basis to build upon in the process of comprehensive reform, politically, administratively, economically and socially. The participants in the session believed that the discussion papers are suitable as a title for the ultimate goal sought from the political reform process, which is a positive step, but it is not sufficient for comprehensive reform, especially in the economic, administrative and societal aspects. They stressed the need to agree socially on the final goal of reform before delving into the amendments, and then prepare a specific action plan with a timetable to reach the desired goal, indicating that developing an action program and starting to implement it is the only way to restore the citizen’s confidence in the official. The participants pointed out that the discussion papers talked generally about reform, but they need more clarification of the concepts they contain, and more details for reform work. Therefore, the discussion papers represent a reference ceiling and a guideline towards the required reform. They described the step of forming the royal commission to modernize the political system in Jordan as “the last opportunity” to move towards the final goal seriously, and to bridge the gap of trust between the people and state institutions. The former Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Marwan Muasher, the former Minister of Municipal Affairs, Engineer Walid Al-Masry, the Director of the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan, Dr. Zaid Ayadat, and the former MP, Qais Al-Zayadin, participated in the session. The founder of the “Masarat” Center is former Minister of State for Information Affairs Jumana Ghunaimat and former MP Dr. Wafa Bani Mustafa.