Experts: The Gaza war revealed the shortcomings of the Arabs and the danger of Palestinian division

Experts and specialists in political affairs confirmed that the "Aqsa Flood" returned the Palestinian issue to the forefront as the central issue of the Arabs and that there is no alternative to peace and fair solutions to it.

They added during a session organized by the Jordanian Masarat institution  for Development and progress entitled "The Al-Aqsa Flood Remixes the Region's papers" in the presence of the Chairman of the Foundation's Board of Trustees Reem Abu Hassan and Executive Director Talal Ghneimat with the participation of politicians, deputies, media professionals, academics and researchers, that the operation carried out by the resistance forces dropped the mask off the face of the occupation army and revealed its weakness.


Abu Hassan: The extermination of a group in front of the world

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Masarat Reem Abu Hassan said in a speech at the opening of the session that there is a twig at the heart of what is happening to the brothers in Gaza of a war of genocide in front of the eyes of all the world.

She pointed out that the war of genocide is carried out under international auspices targeting women, children, the sheikh, youth, history and the future and liquidation of the first Arab cause.

She explained that what we have seen in the past days is the fall of the standards of humanity and human rights and the confusion in the accusation of the victim and the support of the killer. We saw the crying of the family mother and the blood of the children who the world views as terrorists.

I indicated that we are standing today by Jordanians behind our Hashemite leadership to global pressure to stop the suffering of the Palestinian people and open the crossings to deliver humanitarian aid from medical and supplies, and perhaps we can save what we can save from the children of mothers and the elderly who lost their families and families.


Ghnimat: A strict royal position on the displacement of Palestinians

For his part, the Executive Director of the Masarat Talal Foundation referred to the strict and decisive position of His Majesty King Abdullah II on the file of displacement of Palestinians due to the brutal Israeli measures since the outbreak of the crisis.

He stressed the positions of His Majesty in support of the Palestinian people and rejection of the continuation of injustice, aggression and siege practiced by the occupation authorities and his Majesty's continuous attempts with the international community to relieve pressure on Gaza and stop the aggression against it.


He praised the national position expressed by the sons and daughters of the homeland through the vigil and solidarity. 


Altawbah: An Israeli war with international support against Gaza and Arab inaction

For his part, the writer and journalist, the moderator of the session, Majid Al-Tawbah, confirmed that we meet today with a burning and a twig, in our hearts for 8 days, which we have not seen the same as a war of genocide carried out by Israel, against the Palestinian people and the Gaza Strip.

He explained that what can be described for the war is that it is an open massacre on the run and in a live broadcast over time, this is a very large size of crime, open horizons that we cannot imagine.

He stressed that the war is not fought by Israel alone, but with international support and American assistance, offset by a failed Arab position focused on the introduction of humanitarian aid, and unfortunately, there is a failure in this area and none of the aid has entered.

He said that the ground war that Israel is preparing for is a completion of the war of extermination and it will obviously be within days as expected and the goal is to get Gaza out of the world.

He added that what concerns us in Jordan related to the Palestinian cause is the stability of the Palestinian people and the achievement of security and social justice for them.


Al-Rantawi: A moment of pride and pride in the history of the Palestinian struggle and we see the Israeli army humiliated and breaking its prestige

For his part, the Director of the Jerusalem Center for Strategic Studies, Oraib Rantawi, stressed that the war in Gaza is a watershed moment in the history of the Arab region and not only the Palestinian issue.

He pointed out that despite the sadness and crying that we are overwhelm what we see happening in Gaza, it is a moment of pride and pride in the history of the Palestinian struggle, and we see the Israeli army humiliating and humiliating in the ground and breaking its prestige in front of the forces and fighters of the Palestinian resistance battalions.

He stressed that expectations indicate that Israel cannot go to a ground war as we began to feel a division on the Israeli side for fear of human losses and it is in fact a reluctance of ground war.

He said I hope the ground war will break out as it deviates the Israeli Air Force from the battle and works on the chances of clashes between the two sides from a distance of zero, and here the Air Force comes out of the battle.

He pointed out that the "flood of Jerusalem" is considered the mother of surprises, which is the largest operation against Israel in decades and it was a still and hit and shyed the image of the invincible army, in front of the world, especially the Arab countries.The battle with its planning and tactics is also a victory for the Palestinian mind over the Israeli mind in terms of the complex and secret arrangements for the operation.

Al-Rantawi: The reaction of the Western world with rudeness towards what is happening of massacres

He described the reaction of the Western world as brazen to the massacres, which is to stand by Israel, its continuous support and absolute adoption of the Israeli narrative, especially the President of the United States of America, and his statements based on the falsification of facts from the Israeli side.

The West’s false and false claims about human rights have fallen as they have proven their racism towards Arabs, he said.

He expected participation in the war for Hezbollah in the coming days, and this depends on the US military intervention, noting that Hezbollah is the first to think to move the battle inside the settlements and the first to carry out its training are Hezbollah.

He said that Washington failed to convince Arab leaders to condemn Hamas for what it did in Israel, as the President of the United States of America did not respond to any of the Arab leaders, in addition to the failure of the project to remove Hamas from Gaza and empty the population, and this did not happen.

He stressed that the Egyptian national security is the one who is at risk and the situation has begun to escalate, and its position is estimated in rejecting the one-way humanitarian corridor, which is in favor of the procedure of foreign nationals only, which Egypt rejected and demanded that it be two-way, took out the nationals and the entry of aid.

He praised the strength of the message and the Saudi position in the case after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman refused to meet with the US Secretary of State, who visited the region and delegated the Saudi Foreign Minister in his meeting.

 He said the message learned from the crisis is that Israel does not respect the treaty and should not be sheltered by it, after we witnessed the lack of respect for treaties from Israel towards Egypt by thinking about expelling the Palestinians to Egypt.

He revealed that from today onwards we cannot rely on Israel in the issue of vital sectors such as gas, water and electricity, and this is a red line and no justification for the economic accounts that seek to save if they rely on the import of these sectors from other countries.


Shrem: We support His Majesty's efforts in the ceasefire, opening and securing safe passages

For her part, Assistant Speaker of the House of Representatives, MP Mayada Shrem, confirmed that we in Jordan are following the situation in Gaza with concern.

She stressed that we stand behind His Majesty King Abdullah II and support his efforts in the ceasefire, opening and securing safe corridors for the passage and entry of aid.


Basbous: A creative qualitative process implemented by the resistance


For his part, the head of the Palestine Parliamentary Committee, MP Fayez Al-Basous, considered that this military operation carried out by the valiant resistance is creative, and proved the policy of the guest man in the region.

He asked  about Hezbollah's intervention to defend Gaza as it has not been in the face of the Israeli occupation for a long time.


He spoke of the importance of diagnosing the military reality by virtue of the complex mechanism and changing the rules of engagement in the issue of decisiveness and ground engagement.

He stressed that this rapid transformation and change in the region is the return of the compass to Palestine as the central issue.


Al-Hawarat: The process has eliminated the myths of the entity's strength and generations will tell it

Political analyst Dr. Mundhir Al-Hawarat said there is no doubt that what the resistance has achieved is a great thing that eliminates the power legends of the Israeli entity and tells it to future generations.

He expected that Iran and Hezbollah would not go into the battle because they are working for their interests only and are not ready to go in a major confrontation with America and do not constitute strategic goals for them.

He stressed the importance of focusing on the suffering of the Palestinian people and focusing on them and the losses suffered by them through a media strategy presented to the world as the enemy was able to win Western public opinion.


Yaghi: Western media restricts Palestinian content and enhances Israeli content

For his part, former MP Mustafa Yaghi stressed that we feel oppressed because we see social media restricting Palestinian content and does not want to spread or convey the cries of children and women for the crimes against humanity in Gaza.

He said that it is necessary to make decisions to boycott or re-value these companies, reduce their view and inflict losses on them because of the racism that follows in their content, calling on Arab businessmen to make global companies and platforms because of the bias of the current companies of the Israeli entity.


Al-Juhani: Jordan is a cornerstone in the region if the whole region is shaken.

On the one hand, Islamic activist Khaled Al-Juhani stressed that the continuation of Arab countries in agreements with the Israeli side is considered worthless because of the non-respect of treaties by the Israeli side.

He stressed that Jordan has great potential and was able to face Israel in the battle of dignity and make an honorable history, and we have papers that we have not used yet.

He stressed that Jordan is a cornerstone in the region if the entire region is shaken, and that we must communicate with the resistance that constitutes a real depth for Jordan.


Al-Faouri: An embarrassing confrontation of the Arab regimes and a shock to the Israeli entity

For his part, the Secretary-General of the International Islamic Moderation Forum, Engineer Marwan Al-Faouri, pointed out that the massacres, massacres, extremist Israeli governments and the neglect of the file of prisoners led to Hamas to resolve its military order with a major confrontation.

He said that the recent confrontation of Hamas and Israel was embarrassing for the Arab regimes and shocking for the Zionist state, which a cartoon state appeared in front of it.

He appealed to Arab governments to have a unified position by expelling the Israeli ambassador from several Arab capitals, a reaction that corresponds to clear and biased global support for Israeli aggression.


Al-Bdour: Action must be made in the West Bank to ease the pressure on Gaza

A member of the Senate, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Badour, asks.. Where is the West Bank from this move and why hasn’t it put any pressure on its front to alleviate the people in Gaza?

He stressed the importance of great support for the medical sector in Gaza and facilitating the arrival of humanitarian aid to ensure the continuation of life and preserve the lives of citizens there.

Majali: The collapse of the Israeli right and the return of the left

For his part, former Ambassador Dr. Ziad Al-Majali said that the war in Gaza comes for the purposes of other political battles in America and Israel and that what happened in Gaza is one of the most important results of the collapse of the Israeli right and the return of the left again.

He said that Jordan's role in rejecting displacement, geopolitics and its relations in the Arab and international world, the nature of the Jordanian political society, and circumventing the Hashemite flag and leadership.

Al-Namri: The wild escape scenario is excluded

For his part, writer and political analyst Jamil Al-Namri stressed that the scenario of the land war is not in a concerned moment, as it is likely that Israel will not enter a land war unless there is a displacement of Palestinians from northern Gaza, and thus the Strip is cut off to the north and south and the north becomes ready for invasion or siege.


Dajja: Jordan is not required to commit political suicide

For his part, former MP and political writer Dr. Hail Al-Daja said that the peace treaty with Jordan will not be at stake because Jordan is not required to commit political suicide.

He pointed out the importance of supporting the role played by His Majesty King Abdullah II and the King's diplomacy towards the Palestinian cause and the international quest to introduce medical and humanitarian aid.

He pointed out the importance of expanding options for Jordan if the war will be prolonged and the possibility of giving results for the benefit of the Palestinian people.

Al-Zaarir: Jordan has 4 elements of power

For his part, writer Raakz Al-Zaarier said that what happened in Gaza is one of the most important results of the collapse of the Israeli right and the return of the left soon.

He added that with regard to the role of Jordan, it has 4 elements of strength in moderation in the region and that it is against terrorism and the Jordanian social component and more rejecting the idea of displacement and geopolitics in addition to the Hashemite leadership.

Al-Batayna: American intervention is evidence of weakness and loss in the Israeli entity

For his part, Hamid Al-Batayna said that the US military intervention in the battle in Gaza indicates the weakness and great loss of the Israeli occupation.

He explained that the operation was a great shake of the Israeli entity and the entire Western world and that its effects will remain for a long period of events in the region.

He pointed out that relations between the Palestinian-Palestinian side and the Arab-Israeli side must be re-established.